“In addition to its own producys, Agrijaya can provide belended teas according to samples provided by the buyer”


Established in 1992 in jakarta, PT Agrijaya is a tea company that focuses particulary on exporting its high quality products to discerning overseas markets. With Indonesia the fourth-largest tea producer in the world, Agrijaya excels in a crowded marketplace by producing and exporting only the finest black teas to neighboring and other asian countries, such as Pakistan and Japan, with the potential to expand this network globally.

With the knowledge and experience of its expert staff, some of whom have been in the business for almost 30 years, the company is able to supply single-origin or blended teas with aromas and tastes that match the unique preferences of individual markets. True tea artisans, we are also able to produce bespoke blends for specific customers’ needsand/or to match samples they supply.

Because of our reputation, buyers throughout the world expect a lot from agrijaya. As such, and to sustain this reputation, we maintain consistenly high standards in the selection, processes and products we use. These ensure that our teas exceed the high expectations of our customers.

From the start, our expert tasters evaluate different teas individually for taste, flavor, color, strength, longevity, and other attributes. This is peformed even before a tea is considered for a certain blend. Those that are selected are then re-assessed to ensure that they pass our stringent standards.

Only after this process can the tea be considered for selling as a single tea or a blended mix with the guaranteed aroma and taste that Agrijaya’s clients expect, and which captures the flavor and aroma of freshly handpicked leaves. One of the key strengths of our operations is ensuring that our teas retain their freshness, and thus aroma and taste, from production right up until they are consumed.

Company Legality
tanggal 8 April 2013 No. 07 dan Pengesahan dari
Kementerian Hukum dan HAM RI
No. AHU-AH.01.10-19454